SRtRC Education Pack

This page contains the additional resources, handouts and activities that accompany Show Racism the Red Card's education pack and DVD.

Where does racism come from? Exploring Stereotypes and the influence of the media

New Neighbours (page 12)

Activity: The Media zipped folder, Newspaper headlines (page 16)
Activity: The Media and Minority Groups
The Media worksheet plus newspaper headlines, as above (page 18)

The history of racism

The History of Racism timeline (page 20)
Anna’s Story (page 23)

Extension activities/ Further reading for The History of Racism:
Richard Peppiatt's
witness statement to the Leveson enquiry [pdf];
Letter of resignation [external weblink]
The History of Black Britons

Experiences of racism

What’s in a Tweet Profiles (page 27)
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (page 29) 

Campaigning against racism

Escalation of Hate 2 (Page 34)
Escalation of Hate 3 (page 34)

Action Plan Worksheet
(page 38)

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