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SRtRC responds to FIFA's decision in light of the harrowing racial abuse inflicted on St.Rochs player

Racism is on the rise within every strata of football yet FIFA has made the puzzling decision to disband its anti-racism task force

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The FIFA Task Force against Racism and Discrimination was sadly disbanded this week. In a shocking move, FIFA declared that the job was done. This is especially worrying, as the decision comes less than 9 months before Russia warms up for the 2018 World Cup.

Racism exists within every level of football, from Professional Clubs to the Grassroots Clubs. It also rears its head within society on a daily basis. It is concerning as one needs to ask what kind of message FIFA’s decision sends out? Has Fifa inadvertently given the green light for racism within football by declaring its job done? We have only just arrived at the tip of the iceberg in terms of addressing social injustice. FIFA’s decision has been hasty and ill-thought out.

FIFA’s decision comes on the same week that saw St. Rochs striker Baboucarr Musa reportedly being the victim of a racial slur by a Kilwinning fan. Baboucarr was so traumatised by the racial abuse he was receiving, that he asked to be substituted at half time.

We cannot be complacent in a time where racism is on the rise within every strata of society and football. Once one Human Right goes, the rest follow. As such we call on FIFA as well as the SJFA to find workable solutions to racism within football.

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