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Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016

Have you been victimised because of your race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity?

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What is a hate crime?

 A hate crime is any crime perceived by the victim to be motivated by malice, ill-will or prejudice against:

-          Disability

-          Race

-          Religion or Belief

-          Sexual Orientation

-          Transgender identity

Show Racism the Red Card believes that Racism can embody four basic tenets: Race, Religion, Nationality and Culture so if you feel that you have been victimised due to any one of these four characteristics, please get in to contact with us.

Any crime committed because of prejudice against someone’s race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability is classed as an aggravated hate crime.

Remember hate crime is a crime, even online!

What to do if you are the victim of online hate crime?

-          First of all, keep safe – do not engage with the perpetrator

-          Report the abuse to the relevant service user

-          Record all details

-          Take a screen shot and print where possible

-          Do not post personal information online

-          Report the incident to the Police/School/Third Part Reporting Centre

What to do if you are the victim of a hate crime?

If you have been the victim of a hate crime, you know how terrifying the experience is so follow our simple steps and let friends and family know what they can do if they ever become the victim of a hate crime!

-    Do not engage with the perpetrator and keep yourself safe

-     If you see someone being abused go sit next to the victim so as to create a barrier between the victim and perpetrator but only focus your attention on the victim – do not engage the perpetrator

-          Remember – safety first!

-          Report the incident

Reporting Hate Crime

Reporting hate crime is important as it helps the Police find those responsible for hate crime and prosecutes them. It also helps the Police and Scottish Government get a better idea of what is going on within your community. Moreover, by you reporting the incident, you could potentially be preventing someone else from becoming the victim of a hate crime.

If you have been the victim of a hate crime, you may report the incident on a number of platforms:

-          Going in to the Police

-          Calling 999 (in the event of an emergency)

-          Calling 101

-          Texting 999

-          Text talk/Minicom (Deaf/Hard of Hearing) on 1800 11

-          Third Party Reporting Centre

-          Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

 Third Party Reporting Centre

Many people, for various reasons, are reluctant to report crime directly to the Police. Third Party reporting is an important way to overcome this. Show Racism the Red Card can assist by writing a report on your behalf and sending it to the Police. The power is in your hands and you can decide whether you want to provide your personal details on remain anonymous.

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